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condition in which swallowing is difficult or painful

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[3] Furthermore, the consequences of untreated dental caries may lead to the inability to eat, thereby affecting nutritional intake in young children, lowering the body mass index and resulting in an inability to thrive.
Revilla explained that his father was set to undergo percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, a tube insertion procedure, because of his inability to eat.
"Anyone with early signs of a 'flu-like illness, chest infection, diarrhoea and vomiting or inability to eat and drink, together with one of the symptoms of sepsis should seek medical advice
C The inability to eat a bacon sandwich 22Christmas is an annual festival celebrating whose birth?
India, June 1 -- Both the rich and the poor are landing up in the same hospital: former due to their over-eating and obesity, and the latter for their inability to eat enough nutritionally.
We discussed Colin's increased inability to eat and options such as a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube and the types of food he could tolerate.
They will attack my leader for his inability to eat a bacon sandwich, remember all of his lines or scoff at his accent.
They warned: "Sanctions have led to cases of a total loss of income resulting in an inability to eat or heat at the levels required for maintaining good health or recovering from ill health.
Al-Zahrani had earlier said that the patient was referred to the KAMC when he began suffering from abdominal pain and bleeding in the intestine, as well as an inability to eat as a result of a tumor in the upper part of abdomen.
His awesome drinking and an inability to eat triggered bouts of violent vomiting and sickness and perhaps a terrifying awareness of impending doom.
A suspected case was defined as a history of acute onset of fever and any of the following: altered consciousness, inability to eat, neck stiffness, seizures, petechial rash, or bulging anterior fontanel in a child <2 years of age.
After several days of discomfort and inability to eat, he sought medical treatment.
Evie-Anne, aged two, has a catalogue of symptoms, including blindness, epilepsy, sleep apnea and the inability to eat. She is also unable to speak.
ABDOMINAL PAIN, BURNING AND CRAMPING, and inability to eat led a 31-year-old man to visit his primary care physician.
Mucositis is a painful side effect of many cancer treatment regimens that can cause intense pain, infection and the inability to eat, drink or swallow.