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within a living organism

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In case of ambulatory patients who are not hospitalized, the ex-vivo (or active component) of the RF device can prompt the patient about their hospital visits, based on any changes in the internal pathology sensed by the in-vivo passive RF component.
In conjunction, the company's US Patent is a system and method of directing vibrational oscillating sonic waves toward a target tissue in the body of a person to influence both genotype and phenotypic differentiation of the target tissue at a cellular level, including a sonic generator wherein predetermined frequency from the programme to monitor and entrain, via an epidermal patch, the desired phenotypic response from the targeted in-vivo cellular structure.
These synthetic molecules so far have not shown any adverse events in our limited (n=20) in-vivo model systems.
Impingement testing uses different setup, load and motion profiles than standard wear testing, reflecting the fact that a joint in-vivo would very rarely be under maximum force whilst impinging but accounting for the additional stresses the implant would be under if it did," said Gemma Budd, healthcare business manager at Lucideon/'By performing this testing we are able to help manufacturers see how their product will perform in-vivo, enabling them to assess its longevity and foresee potential failure modes.
Geographically, ~67% of the small animal imaging (in-vivo) market share is held by the developed regions, due to heavy investments and affordability of advanced small animal in-vivo imaging devices.
The BCS enabled the pharma scientists to predict relationship between in-vitro inputs and in-vivo outcomes that led to use in-vitro dissolution tests as a surrogate for in-vivo bioequivalence.
These findings confirm that IFN gamma is an integral factor for mesenchymal stem cells' differentiation into osteoblasts also in-vivo," said Kremer.
Led by one of the world's leading in-vivo confocal imaging medical researchers, Dr.
Non-invasive, in-vivo imaging has undergone huge advancements over the past years.
Debiopharm, founded in 1979 in Lausanne, Switzerland, focuses on evaluating compounds with promising in-vivo results in animals to in-license, develop for global registration, and out-license to sales and marketing pharmaceutical partners.
Approximately two-thirds, of the clients receive in-vivo assessments, functional assessment, and assessment of client assets.
Transaction Positions In-vivo Products for Long-term Growth; Adds to Bruker's Broad Spectrum of Preclinical Imaging Systems
Here, we propose an innovative approach combining three well-established experimental systems - genetically engineered mouse models of human cancer, T cell receptor/cognate antigen transgenic mice, and advanced in-vivo RNAi screening technologies - to systematically identify and functionally evaluate genes involved in this process.
11 February 2014 - US in-vivo molecular imaging agents developer ImaginAb Inc said Monday that it, together with the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore (Duke-NUS), would build in Singapore a joint corporate lab for development of novel in-vivo molecular imaging agents.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 3, 2013-Proteome Sciences's in-vivo study indicate CK1D inhibitors improve cognition in Alzheimer's disease model(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.