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being next in a line of succession

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awaiting something

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Shaping the FuturePerspectives on the Global In-line Metrology, Forecast to the Year 2021, new research from Frost & Sullivans Test & Measurement Growth Partnership Service, offers an executive outlook of the growth opportunities in the global in-line metrology market up to 2021.
Yazoo Mills has added two new in-line printers to its manufacturing facility, bringing the company to a grand total of 14 printers in-house, including two-color printing capabilities.
Trim: In-line with optional steel-rule trim station
However, initial deployment of EDS machines in a stand-alone mode--usually in airport lobbies--and ETD machines resulted in operational inefficiencies and security risks as compared with using EDS machines integrated in-line with airport baggage conveyor systems.
That leaves today's competition at the LG Action Sports Championships as the premier in-line event of the year.
We were probably the first kids in the neighborhood to get into aggressive in-line skating," said now Staff Sgt.
For a while, the loyal opposition argued ad nauseum about the "unfair advantages" of the in-line over the so-called "traditional" muzzleloaders.
Under the original rule, separate emission controls would have been required for the existing furnace and new in-line flux box, creating a disincentive for better chlorine utilization.
ASTM Committee D07 on Wood is working on "Test Method for Standardization and Calibration of In-Line Dry Lumber Moisture Meters.
Incorporating in-line measurement in material preparation not only improves operating efficiency by providing real-time process feedback and/or control, but also ensures a higher quality product is delivered to downstream production processes.
Two new in-line single valve manifolds, which can be mounted to any 1/8 NPT port, have been added to the company's EV/ET Valve line.
SANDPOINT, Idaho--Citing the popularity of in-line skating and hockey, sports rack manufacturer Racor Inc.
The revived sport, in-line skating, is often called "rollerblading" after the first brand on the market.
What's the safest skating activity: in-line skating, rollerskating, or skateboarding?