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a port and tourist center in southwestern Italy

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A Celebration of Life reception will follow at the Bentley Village Care Center in Naples.
Currently, hazard planners in Naples are preparing for eruptions similar to a relatively minor one that occurred in 1631, Sheridan says.
According to The Wanderer, a Catholic weekly, the college in Michigan had encountered trouble expanding because of zoning laws, so Monaghan opened Ave Maria University in Naples.
It's improved as far as quality of life for the Sailors," said Yeoman 1st Class Jeanice Vitali, who first served a tour of duty in Naples in the early 1990s.
It is the fresh approach of the floorplan at the Chateau at Moorings Park, a skilled nursing replacement facility in Naples, Fla.
Part one's eight essays on antecedents to the 1494 invasion begin with two surveys of the long-standing French involvement in medieval Italian politics (George Peyronnet) and the Angevin claims and challenges to Aragonese rule in Naples (Alan Ryder).
The Daily News in Naples has approached online coupons from the other direction, with no tie-ins to the print product.
At Lia Rumma, Haim Steinbach, in his first show in Naples in nine years, installed tomato cans, bingo baskets, and a pack of Neapolitan cards - three fetishized objects of popular Neapolitan culture - on metal shelves, as well as four wall-mounted rectangular pieces of furniture, each equipped with a drawer for hiding spotless handkerchiefs and coins.
Getting a permit for a major triathlon event in Naples is no easy feat, but we were determined to hold a HITS Triathlon Series event in what we deemed the best location in Florida," said Mark Wilson, race director of HITS Triathlon Series.
Even the most accessible of the artist's frescoes, such as those at San Martino, can be studied more easily in this book than in Naples itself.
Naples Tomato is an award-winning restaurant concept that originated in Naples, Florida.
This beautifully printed book contains an excellent Latin edition, with French translation, introduction, critical apparatus, bibliography and index, of the important treatise De educatione by the prominent early sixteenth-century humanist, Antonio de Ferrariis - better known by his pen name "Il Galateo" - born in Salento (Otranto), Apulia in 1443, but living in Naples.
Naples Tomato, a nationally recognized restaurant and local institution in Naples, Florida, today announced its plan to expand through franchising.
Customers are encouraged to come to the new Wild Oats in Naples, located at 6424 Naples Blvd.
The new Wild Oats Marketplace in Naples will host a Preview Party for local community members and business leaders on Tuesday, Jan.