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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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The benefit to having impoundment reservoir storage is that it allows the capture of water when it is plentiful for use when it is most needed.
MXP is a development stage, coal-to liquid ("CTL") company, which is seeking to utilize its technology to transform energy trapped in otherwise wasted natural resources, such as the coal fine impoundments acquired by the Company, into superior transportation fuels and fuel additives.
In other situations, such as moderately wet climates, it is often more practical to deprive the rocks of oxygen by covering them in water, says Ferguson, which usually means planning in advance to build an additional pit in which to dump waste or to design a tailings impoundment that can contain waste rock as well.
In this paper, changes in the fish assemblage of an intermittent prairie stream, the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River, upstream from a recently constructed impoundment are described.
Damming intensity and its consequences on beaver impoundment parameters in land reclamation canals in Lithuania Indicator n Mean Number of beaver dams per one beaver site 43 3.
From 1979 through 1982, the Comstock Mill operated without a Plan of Operations or reclamation bond, receiving ore from area mines and extracting gold using the cyanide process and depositing mill tailings in an adjacent 40-acre, unlined, tailings impoundment.
At the active site, we elected to make addition observations downstream of the impoundment as a means of assessing the degree to which there were spatial gradients in current foraging activity (which would be expected based on predictions of central place foraging theory).
For its part, the (agency) reviews the design and engineering plans of coal waste impoundments and conducts regular inspections to ensure that their structural integrity is maintained.
Kayla had her own diagnosis: the coal processing plant and sludge impoundment operated by subsidiaries of Massey Energy that loom right above the school.
Regardless of your government's level of involvement, you should be aware that the maintenance and operation of your impoundment should be an integral part of your organization's risk management program.
That impoundment of water and the material it carries is affecting the food chain in the East China Sea, one of the world's largest fisheries, says Louis A.
The new law "adds automobile impoundment and seizure to the list of acceptable 'alcohol-impaired driving countermeasures' eligible for federal grant money.
The tidal impoundment area would be off the Conwy coast by Kinmel Bay in Conwy and the adjoining Denbighshire seaside town of Rhyl.
Within six hours, 300 million gallons of thick sludge had flooded out of the Big Branch Refuse Impoundment, a hilltop facility owned by Martin County Coal, and into two tributaries of the Big Sandy River, which courses along the Kentucky-West Virginia border before emptying into the Ohio River.