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hard disk

Synonyms for memory

the power of retaining and recalling past experience

an act or instance of remembering

Synonyms for memory

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Hypothesis 1: There will be a significant difference between the consumer's explicit memory of sponsorship information as measured by a brand recall test and implicit memory as measured by a consideration-set test.
(The Antony and Cleopatra chapter is exemplary here.) The value added by discussion of explicit and (especially) implicit memory is less clear to me.
The recent developments in neuroimaging techniques have led to a proliferation of studies which investigate the neural mechanisms of explicit and implicit memory. We will now briefly summarize this research and discuss its implications for the debate about the underlying mechanisms of explicit and implicit memory.
If we gratify our ongoing search for acquisition of implicit God Consciousness through fetal memory, we have God permanence and ironically and paradoxically with internalizing our implicit memory of our unification, or oneness with God, and God's pure love, we have God Constancy.
Memory-based measures for assessing advertising effects: A comparison of explicit and implicit memory effects.
Decision science is the exploration of the nonconscious and the conscious processes, including implicit memory, procedural memory, and even habits involved when a person makes a decision to engage in a specific behavior.
Influence of Placement on Explicit and Implicit Memory of College Students
Implicit memory is moderated by a memory system with the exception of the medial-temporal diencephalic one that forms the foundation of explicit memory.
As explained by Llucs Fuentemilla, project coordinator, the study "helps explain how the processing of fearful memories can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder and also opens the door to the investigation of new therapeutic strategies for these disorders because the implicit memory trace in a fearful context does not loose over time and can be detected through electrodermal measures."
Reporting, "Findings revealed an association between aerobic fitness and memory function such that individuals with lower cardiorespiratory fitness exhibited poorer implicit memory performance and poorer longterm memory retention," the study authors submit: "These data indicate that cardiorespiratory fitness may be important for the optimal function of neural networks underlying these memory systems."
Somehow, body, mind, and text all seem to come together to comprise "oceanic cognition." Burke defines that first as a "single, potentially borderless macro-category into which all inputs lead and flow out of'(15 8), and later as "the interactive, ever-fluvial combination of explicit and implicit memory together with cognitive emotion and affective cognition" (160).
Some experts reject this theory, claiming most sensorimotor skills involved in performance failure are not working memory [explicit] related but are physical, or implicit memory related.
In the framework of the relation between implicit memory and reading, the semantic priming paradigm has been used on children in several different languages (e.g., Betjemann & Keenan, 2008; Casalis, Dusautoir, Cole, & Ducrot, 2009; Quemart, Casalis, & Cole, 2011).
hypothesized that familiarity is highly related to implicit memory tasks such as word-stem completion [13-15].
[5,19-21] Most of the studies focus on long-term memory which is either classified as explicit versus implicit memory (based on the degree of consciousness of the memory) or as episodic, emotional or semantic memory (based on the content of the memory).