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diagnostic procedure consisting of recording the activity of the heart electronically with a cardiograph (and producing a cardiogram)

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[8] compared the hemodynamic parameters in patients with untreated hypertension by impedance cardiography. Analysis of the results showed that in 67% of the patients, hypertension was associated with high systemic vascular resistance, while in 16% of them it was attributable to elevated cardiac output.
Heart rates in chicken embryos could first be recorded starting on day 6 of incubation with the Buddy digital egg monitor compared with day 3 of incubation with impedance cardiography. (10) This does not appear to be of practical importance in most breeding programs, because candling is the method of choice to detect early embryonic development within the egg.
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Blood pressure (Korotkoff phases I and V) and cardiac output (electrical impedance cardiography) were measured non-invasively, while mean arterial pressure and total peripheral resistance (TPR) were calculated according to standard procedures (Be lz et al.
CardioDynamics (Nasdaq: CDIC), San Diego, the innovator and global leader of Impedance Cardiography (ICG) technology and manufacturer of BioZ(R) noninvasive digital cardiac function monitoring systems, has announced the publication of a significant Mayo Clinic Study demonstrating the importance of the company's noninvasive ICG technology in the treatment of hypertension in a recent issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Hypertension.
Stroke volume was determined by impedance cardiography (Minnesota 200 A, Finnomedical Oy, Espoo, Finland).
The data on impedance cardiography, its diagnostic value and possible different applications suggest that it may also be very useful in occupational medicine.
(2) Impedance cardiography and symptom data were collected from 38 patients with CFS grouped into cases with severe (n = 18) and less severe (n = 20) illness and compared with those from 27 matched, sedentary, control subjects.
The company's proprietary Impedance Cardiography (ICG) initially was utilized by NASA to monitor the cardiac output of the astronauts in space flight and continues to be chosen by NASA for space research programs because of its ability to accurately and noninvasively produce hemodynamic measurements.