wrongful death

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a death that results from a wrongful act or from negligence

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It's clear that this is case is warped and it's based on my privilege speech in the Senate which besides having constitutionally guaranteed immunity from suit, I'm also not inciting anyone to do anything.
Immunity from suit will be granted to an entity reporting illegal anti-competitive activity before a fact-finding or preliminary inquiry has begun based on certain conditions.
48) However, because it is a doctrine of immunity from suit in domestic courts, it depends on domestic implementation.
In Keck, the court held that an employee was allowed interlocutory review of an order denying summary judgment based on the employee's claim of immunity from suit under F.
sovereign immunity should create an initial immunity from suit and, even
The Supreme Court judges' ruling effectively removed the 400-year-old protection that gave expert witnesses immunity from suit for breach of duty whether in contract or negligence, in relation to taking part in legal proceedings.
477) Florida responded by arguing that the suit violated the state's sovereign immunity from suit in federal court.
sovereign immunity from suit are the bedrock principles of tribal
The Appeals Court sent the case back to Central District Court to determine whether the immunity from suit enjoyed by the casino extends to the three remaining defendants.
3) It has long been established that immunity from suit "is a fundamental aspect of sovereignty which the States enjoyed before the ratification of Constitution, and which they retain today .
It is suggested that, at most, it could be argued that Australian governments do not retain any immunity from suit in constitutional cases and (possibly) in cases coming within the High Court's constitutionally guaranteed jurisdiction under s 75 of the Australian Constitution.
Presented by editor-in-chief Daller (of Daller Greenberg & Dietrich, LLP), the overviews provide, where relevant to the particular jurisdiction, information on causes of action, statutes of limitation, strict liability, duty to warn, negligence, breach of warranty, wrongful death, punitive damages, pre- and post-judgment interest, employer immunity from suit, relevant statutes, joint and several liability, and choice of law.
Under the binding terms of the agreement, Gen-Probe will withdraw its patent litigation against Bayer and will grant Bayer immunity from suit with respect to all existing and future Gen-Probe patents for all of Bayer's current nucleic acid diagnostic products.
Under European Communities Order 1997, entitled "Immunities and Privileges of the European Police Office," members of the EU's police force (the Europol) "shall enjoy immunity from suit and legal process in respect of acts, including words written or spoken, done by them in the exercise of their official functions.