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Synonyms for immortality

Synonyms for immortality

Antonyms for immortality

the quality or state of being immortal


perpetual life after death

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The Immortalists felt like the book that I was always meant to write," Benjamin says during a phone call from her home in Madison, Wisconsin.
Transhumanists subdivide into categories whose distinctions are not clear to the nonenhanced eye: extropians (who believe self-directed people can reverse the tendency of systems toward disorder), abolitionists (who say human suffering can be radically reduced if not eliminated), cryonicists (who want to have their bodies frozen for future resurrection), immortalists (self-explanatory), and many others.
These optimists have spawned a movement of like-minded life extension enthusiasts who call themselves immortalists.
Many immortalists practice caloric restriction, for example, which experiments have shown retards the aging process in every animal tested so far.
Kent locates people on a five-category scale from "hard-core deathists" to "hard-core immortalists.
His new book, "The Immortalists," will be published on October 4.