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large tank where solid matter or sewage is disintegrated by bacteria

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The commissioning of the new facility, which sits on a 1,300-square meter lot at the Veterans Village, replaces the inefficient 50-year old Imhoff tank built at the same site in 1955 by the then People s Homesite and Housing Corporation, now known as the National Housing Authority.
The operation includes: -Emptying, cleaning and cleaning of settler-digester sludge disposal and effluent cleaning of this book -Flushing and cleaning the drying beds and sludge removal and cleaning of these effluents beds -Emptying, cleaning and silo cleaning and disposal of effluents and cleaning of the silo the quantities of waste for disposal is estimated as follows: -About 950 m3 (1095t) of sludge in the Imhoff tank -Approximately 80 m3 (100t) of sludge drying beds -About 5 m3 (5t) of effluent in the small silo
of espurgo purifiers and imhoff tanks managed to acque veronesi service.
Prior to World War II, intermittent sand filtration was relatively popular as secondary treatment for effluents from septic and Imhoff tanks.
The service consists in technical and operational management of the systems of biological purification suspended activated sludge, constructed wetlands, the Imhoff tanks and sewage lifting stations and related works.