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the United Nations agency concerned with international maritime activities

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The IME delegation, meantime, evaluated the economic situation in Iraq on the ground while visiting markets in important cities of Baghdad, Kerbela and Najaf.
When causality is in question, a pre-existing condition is suspected or treatment begins to deviate from normal standards of care, an early IME can clarify issues upfront to help with claims decisions.
Where an EUO or IME is requested as additional verification after receipt of the claim, the insurer must schedule the IME within the same time frame as medical examinations--within 30 days from the date of receipt of the prescribed verification form ([section]65-3.
An IME can be used at any point in the life of a disability insurance claim.
In a meeting with the IME officials in the Indian embassy in Tehran, Sinha underscored his organization's enthusiasm for the development of ties with the IME to share professional knowledge and experience on spot and derivatives markets.
He explained that at the moment, the IME is recognized and quoted as one of the most credible and important hubs for bitumen and the venue for price discovery of this product at regional and international level.
On the research breakthrough, Dr Hu Sanming, a key researcher from IME leading the antenna project, said, “The novel use of polymer filling enables >70% antenna size shrinkage and a record high gain of 5.
in Bangkok, Thailand, has purchased two full library automation software systems from IME Systems, Inc.
IME pay, a mobile financial service platform developed and operated by IME Digital Solution Limited, Nepal's first licensed Payment Service Provider (PSP) has announced the launch of its B2B services.
In this new role, Popp will leverage more than 20 years of experience in storage software and engineering management to build a world-class development organization for DDNs IME business.
The IME also witnessed supply of 76,000 tons of different kinds of bitumen, 1,000 tons of light lube cut, 5,000 tons of vacuum batum, 250 tons of moisture insulator and 55,000 tons of graded iron ore.
Under this agreement, Huawei will join the TSI Consortium led by IME to optimise TSI technology for cost effective and performance-driven applications.
The New York Times has contracted with IME Systems, Inc.