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(Islam) the man who leads prayers in a mosque

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"I was witness that he offered man-eaters' for sale," said Imam Din.
"You'll take your arsenic, and Imam Din'll take you up to bed, and I'll come and tuck you in."
We waited till Imam Din returned to us from above and coughed at the door, as only dark-hearted Asia can.
But the Infant had already made the sign, and we heard Imam Din hunker down on the floor: One gets little out of the East at attention.
Sahib," Imam Din turned to Strickland, "our Sahib answered to those false words as a horse of blood answers to the spur.
The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), the official representative body of all Imams across Australia with over 250 members, all Imams, also does not recognise him as an Imam, Shaikh or even a Muslim leader.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister of Saudi Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, Abdullatif Al-Asheikh has approved the delegation of 70 imams to lead Taraweeh (after Isha) and Tahajud (late night) prayers in 35 countries of the world during the holy month of Ramazan.
Quarante-neuf imams francophones algeriens ont ete accueillis cette semaine par la Grande Mosquee de Paris, a indique samedi cette institution du culte musulman de France.
COTABATO CITY - The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) has secured the release of three imams purportedly framed up by police elements in an anti-drug operation in Enrile, Cagayan Valley early this month.
The sexual offender might very well have been a madrasa teacher, but that didn't necessarily make him an imam. Some madrasa teachers, Mr Abusufian said, "only possess a basic understanding of Islam and cannot be referred to as imams or sheikhs".
Seven people, including the Chief Imams of Igbole and Igboora have been arrested, while five motorcycles said to have been used to convey those who fomented trouble to the scene were also recovered, along with some dangerous weapons.
Lately, Imam Tawhidi has been raising controversy for his views that are in opposition to usual views of Islamic preachers and Imams.
JEDDAH: A number of Shoura Council members have voiced objections to some imams who express their personal opinions during Friday sermons.
Mohammad Ibrahim hashemi by abujafar amir al momanin abdul ibn mohammad by his father ibn abbas said prophet (p) said: how my people extinctions two while I'm the beginning at Jesus is in last and Mehdi is in middle omran ibn yaghoub by his father yaghoub ibn Abdullah by abu yahya ibn jaede ibn habire by Hossain ibn Ali (p) said: a person asked about imams number by prophet and prophet said it's just as bani Israel leaders (then imam Hossain said) 9 of the army sons and the last one is Mehdi and her prophet said: how a society which me and 12 of well,known and genus people are the first and Jesus (p) is the last of them will die?
In the wake of the turbulence of the 2011 uprising, some imams began to use mosques as a platform to promote particular ideologies and to mobilize people to take action.