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(Islam) the man who leads prayers in a mosque

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I was witness that he offered man-eaters' for sale," said Imam Din.
You'll take your arsenic, and Imam Din'll take you up to bed, and I'll come and tuck you in.
We waited till Imam Din returned to us from above and coughed at the door, as only dark-hearted Asia can.
But the Infant had already made the sign, and we heard Imam Din hunker down on the floor: One gets little out of the East at attention.
Sahib," Imam Din turned to Strickland, "our Sahib answered to those false words as a horse of blood answers to the spur.
the entire mosques of the district have been cleared from Afghan Pash Imams.
Imam hatip high schools were originally founded in lieu of a vocational school to train government employed imams; after madrasas in Turkey were abolished by the Unification of Education Act (Tevhid-i Tedrisat Law) as a part of Ataturk's reforms.
The Imams Bridge crosses the Tigris River and connects Shiite and Sunni neighbourhoods on opposite banks.
Summary: JEDDAH: Despite the directives given by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, many imams of mosques across the Kingdom increase the volume of loudspeakers, disturbing people living in the neighborhoods, especially children and patients.
A security source had said earlier that a bomber blew up an explosive belt strapped to his body amid a group of Shiite pilgrims heading for Imam Moussa al-Kadhim shrine near Jisr al-Aiema (Bridge of Imams) in al-Aadhamiya region, northern Baghdad, killing 3 pilgrims and injuring 12.
Summary: MAKKAH: Imams in mosques throughout the Kingdom on Friday welcomed the holy month of Ramadan with an immense sense of piety and reminded their respective congregations to strictly follow the teachings of the Holy Qur'an during the fasting period.
The result of this is a kind of unintentional talent show where imams with the best appeal fill their mosques during these evening prayers.
When contacted by Arab News, Abdullah Humaid, director of the ministry's branch in the neighboring Asir province, gave more details on the procedure of how erring imams would be handled by the authorities.
Khaled Al-Hada'i, an imam who appears in various mosques in Sana'a, told the Yemen Times that many imams don't shed light on local problems; instead they address religious issues.
More than 100 imams, who attended a workshop in Makkah, have stressed the role of mosques in development and called for spreading the Islamic culture and values for moderation and tolerance.