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(Islam) a messianic leader who (according to popular Muslim belief) will appear before the end of the world and restore justice and religion

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Analyze the differences of Solim book quotations and others in prediction of imam Mehdi coming and related event:
In this term the noticeable points is in 91st quotation which we see: there no good in living after him and at end of his government (40 days) we have other world this quotation talks about world after Mehdi (p) but in analyzing sonnet and Shiite books we have 5 things after imam Mehdi (p) as below:
This quotation confirm the governing of 12 Mehdi of imam Mehdi (p) sons but in document we see some like Ahmad Mohammad ibn Khalil and jafar ibn Ahmad mesri and they are unknown, beside Shiite believes imam Mehdi (p) is the last sign of god on the earth and after him we have no imam and we don't use them.
Another situation based on quotations about the imam Mehdi (p) governing said a 50 years period with unruly happens this quotations are disagree with Solim one because in Solim quotation we see after end of Mehdi (p) governing we have 40 days left we mentioned some of them below:
This quotation is against Solim one and 91 quotation which claim that there is nothing we couldn't talk about life without goof items and here Solim quotation also in term of time about Mehdi (p) government we have 40 years but in this quotation we have 309 year of imam Hossain (p) governing analyze of differences and shares of other world creation after imam Mehdi (p) and Solim quotation.
Ilyas, General Secretary Welfare Party of India, Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi, General Secretary Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e- Hadith and Abdul Khaliq, Secretary Lok Jan Shakti Party.
The more important reason was the attention and kindness of our Lord of the Age, Imam Mehdi (12th Shiite imam) to us.
Police said those involved in the clashes in Basra and Nasiriyya were members of a cult who believe Imam Mehdi would reappear Friday and they had to take up arms against "infidels.
Little is known about Yamani and his followers except that he claims to be an ambassador rather than a descendant of Imam Mehdi.