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(psychoanalysis) an idealized image of someone (usually a parent) formed in childhood

an adult insect produced after metamorphosis

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The imagos are placed in rectangular wooden cages whose faces are screened.
The results of the cumulative daily mortality rate recorded at imagos of S.
A new species of Oligoneuria from Brazil is herein described based on male and female imagos from the Atlantic Rainforest.
2 male imagos, 5 male subimagos, 1 female subimago (reared): BRAZIL: Amazonas, Manaus, Igarape da Onca, Rodovia AM 240, Km 20, x/ 2004, Salles col.
Wings coloration as in male imagos, except brownish markings more variable, from paler and narrower to darker and more extensive.
Phoenix Audio Technologies has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Imago ScanSource, Europe's largest video solutions company, which allows Imago ScanSource to add a broad and innovative range of audio communications products to its portfolio, further strengthening its offer to the channel.