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(mathematics) a number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of -1

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As we know, there is linkage between geometry and algebra with imaginary plane [18]:
Spencer and Wiley (40) showed that the area stretch ratio of an imaginary plane depends not only on the strain but also on the direction of the deforming plane, and the area stretch ratio of the flat imaginary plane in simple shear flow is given by
Our August cover artwork went a step further than usual, showing how The CPA Journal logo would appear if actually viewed through the imaginary plane on which the pen was writing.
is exercised on an imaginary plane in the Pascalian, Hegelian, and Lacanian senses' (p.
David Wang, who also offers an edifying introduction to the anthology, probes the many facets of nostalgia at work in the native-soil fiction of Shen Congwen, Song Zelai, Mo Yan, and Li Yongping, arguing that Li has gone the furthest in relegating the nostalgic setting of The Jiling Chronicles to a pointedly imaginary plane outside the boundaries of a particular region or era.
A Hubble image of 1987A (see photo), taken in August and released last week, shows the supernova core surrounded by a ring of glowing gas tilted 47[degrees] from an imaginary plane cutting through the Earth and the stellar core.
Using a set of data points and an algorithm called "least squares(*)," they draw an imaginary plane that would actually lie somewhere under the contact or tangent plane of that part if it were lying on a surface plate.