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Synonyms for plate

Synonyms for plate

(baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands

a full-page illustration (usually on slick paper)

dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten

the quantity contained in a plate


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a rigid layer of the Earth's crust that is believed to drift slowly

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the thin under portion of the forequarter

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a main course served on a plate

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the positively charged electrode in a vacuum tube

a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded

structural member consisting of a horizontal beam that provides bearing and anchorage

a shallow receptacle for collection in church

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a metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners)

a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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In this investigation, we studied the fading of the latent image during processing delay by exposing one image plate at 80 kVp at a source-to-image distance of 81 cm and at approximately 12.
Contract award: ah / 261 / d / 41 / tin / usk / zp / 28/2014 - supply of transportable digital camera for pictures bedside x-ray, x-ray apparatus for dental intraoral images, image plate scanner, camera c-arm x-ray douniwersyteckiego hospital in bialystok.
This perfectly created haptic optical synchronisation is achieved using two key technologies: micro mirror arrays called Aerial Image Plates (AIPs) produced by Asukanet Company, and an Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display (AUTD).
ScanX Pro utilizes both intraoral and extraoral image plates.
Badges are presented at actual size in the color image plates.
A Starter Kit, which comprises four image plates (seven images per plate), three nail colours, one stamper, one scraper and an information booklet is RRP pounds 29.
Ironically, the wide exposure latitude and dynamic range that image plates provide are considered important advantages of CR.
CTP enables publishers to supply printers with digital information to image plates directly for offset printing.
Both tabloids -- the Spanish-speaking world's largest daily and Argentina's newest newspaper -- rely on technology from Krause Biagosch, Bielefeld, Germany, to image plates for their new offset presses.
This new, revised and updated edition has 10% additional content, and features, among others, a new chapter on beam physics research from 1993 to 2007, significant enhancement of chapter 6 on emittance variation, updated references and colour image plates.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Rvg unit with flexible and thin image plates
Base-Line Laser Direct plates permit small and medium offset printers to image plates using only a laser printer.