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Illinoisans with suppliers have lost nearly $800 million since 2015, state officials say.
In an upcoming report, Illinois Policy Institute Chief Economist Orphe Divounguy estimates public corruption cost Illinoisans more than $550 million per year from 2000-2017, for a total of $9.9 billion.
Former Attorney General Lisa Madigan estimated at the time that as many as 5.4 million Illinoisans were affected by the breach.
"The Equifax data breach compromised the personal information of millions of Illinoisans," the Chicago Democrat said in a news release.
But despite the carefully parsed language, to many southern Illinoisans reading between the lines it feels like the band is being called racist for using Confederate symbolism, and by extension, those who like the band and maybe all white southern Illinoisans are being painted with the same brush.
Raising income taxes on all Illinoisans would further burden the middle and lower-income families who are disproportionately hurt by our current tax system.
A March poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University showed 67% of Illinoisans supported a constitutional amendment to allow an independent commission draw legislative maps, rather than state lawmakers.
Southern Illinoisans had the opportunity to witness some history last week at Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois when Carbondale Chapter 277 of the Experimental Aircraft Association hosted a tour of the 1945 World War II B-17 bomber, complete with pilots and crew.