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a native or resident of Illinois

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Wyatt Garner (8-yr-old hip hop dance), Southern Illinoisan Free Tent.
In Illinois, Linda Ritchie Lindus has been named editor of the Southern Illinoisan in Carbondale.
Also new to the Fort Wayne staff is former NCEW member Joe Beck, who was with the Southern Illinoisan in Carbondale, Ill.
Carl Rexroad, editor of the Southern Illinoisan, says, "We did better than the Egyptian; we insisted on a court order." Rexroad says his is the only area news organization consistently fighting for freedom of the press.
Wyatt Garner (8-yr-old hip-hop dance), Southern Illinoisan Free Tent.
He began his full-time journalism career in 1972 as a reporter at The Southern Illinoisan, in Carbondale, Ill.
* Best Education Story: The Southern Illinoisan, Ashley Wiehl.
Prior to that, she'd been publisher of the Southern Illinoisan of Carbondale, Ill.
To summarize the numerous reports, as well as the story in the Southern Illinoisan: during the past two years, Jaimie Reynolds, a former student at SIU-C, invented an elaborate tale about a little girl, Kodee, whose mother died in a car accident and whose father was fighting in Iraq.
Scott's Crazy Magic Show, Southern Illinoisan Free Tent.
Gulledge, who began his career with Lee in 1982 as a college intern at The Southern Illinoisan, was elected as an officer and operating VP in 2005.
Tuesday's edition of The Southern Illinoisan was the first printed in Carbondale since a windstorm damaged to the area on Friday.
Construction started last week on the second phase of a $7.1 million renovation project at the Southern Illinoisan, in Carbondale.
Wyatt Garner (8-year-old solo hip-hop dance), Southern Illinoisan Free Tent.