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Synonyms for illegitimacy

Synonyms for illegitimacy

the state or quality of being illegal

the condition of being of illegitimate birth


Synonyms for illegitimacy

the status of being born to parents who were not married

unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law

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She bore Aldridge two illegitimate children, accepting whatever risks to career and reputation such dependents might entail.
In most Muslim countries a documentary like this would be unthinkable, but thanks to brave campaigners and a socially tolerant king, Morocco has led the way in social and legal reforms that help single mothers and their illegitimate children to secure a future.
Charlene is resigned to the fact that Albert has illegitimate children, but she is desperate to know if one was born during their five-year courtship," a senior palace source in Monte Carlo told the UK's Daily Mail.
According to statistics issued by the Gaza-based al-Dameer Association for Human Rights, 165 cases of illegitimate children have been reported since 1993, eight of them are in 2008 alone.
Illegitimate children of the Enlightenment; anarchists and the French Revolution, 1880-1914.
Illegitimate children were placed in orphanages or adopted.
To a significant extent these changes revolved around the question of how to deal with illegitimate children and their mothers--the re-definition of infanticide and the corresponding spike in prosecutions, the criminalization of rapt (elopement), and the decline in the recherche de paternite.
I am also descended via his son King Henry I, 25 illegitimate children on four different lines.
Subsequently she gave birth to two illegitimate children, both of whom she abandoned, one in Liverpool and the other in London.
Presented in chronological order, the book presents snippets of facts in a way that we can remember them - each reign is condensed into just five bullet points, for instance Henry I, who is said to have fathered 50 illegitimate children but his only legitimate son drowned; and Edward II, who was named the first Prince of Wales.
The number if calculated in terms of frequency, an average of about 2500 cases out of illegitimate children recorded each month, or 83 cases per day, and one illegitimate child for every '7 minutes.
Sharjah: Three housemaids who absconded from their sponsors have admitted to police that they gave birth to four illegitimate children from an unknown man.
Deborah Perkin, a former senior producer with BBC Wales, used her own funds to shoot a documentary about the plight of thousands of illegitimate children born every year who become outcasts in Morocco.
She had three illegitimate children of her own - a son who died childless and two daughters about whom there is little known.
The producers are to hold auditions in the city on January 5 in a bid to find local children to fill the roles of Ngana and Jerome, the illegitimate children of the character, Emile de Becque.