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Synonyms for illegitimacy

Synonyms for illegitimacy

the state or quality of being illegal

the condition of being of illegitimate birth


Synonyms for illegitimacy

the status of being born to parents who were not married

unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law

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Luz feels sure that she belongs in the aristocracy, even though her financial situation and illegitimate birth would prove her wrong.
From London's illegitimate birth (the product of an unlikely union between a spiritualist mother and a father described as 'an itinerant astrologer'), he led a rough, tough, dramatic existence.
Undoubtedly, David Leeming's James Baldwin embodies this principle, for it opens with the circumstance of the subject's illegitimate birth on August 2, 1924, and closes with an account of his funeral on December 8, 1987.
Cardano (1501-1576), the Italian polymath physician who was barred from practicing because of his illegitimate birth, is the subject of three German contributions included here.
For that matter, do the statistics of illegitimate birth in Renaissance England help us respond to the supposed illegitimacy of Perdita's origin?
Their plot is threatened by Anne Catherick, a mysterious fugitive from a mental asylum who dresses in white, resembles Laura, and knows the secret of Glyde's illegitimate birth.
Of illegitimate birth, she was early recognized as a prodigy and spent time at the viceroy's court before deciding on the life of a nun.
Kempe, a veteran of The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, presents a cascade of facts on Noriega's entire life, from illegitimate birth to questionable arrest.
Of illegitimate birth, rejected by her mother, she had several lesbian affairs before her unrequited passion for the homosexual writer Maurice Sachs led her to write L'Asphyxie (1946; translated as In the Prison of Her Skin , 1970).
A few years ago, noted historian Dr Michael Jones claimed the Abney-Hastings family should occupy the throne instead of Queen Elizabeth, because the alleged illegitimate birth of Edward IV made void the legitimacy of his descendants.
Written primarily for the general reader, this book portrays the life of Hamilton from his illegitimate birth on the British West Indian island of Nevis in 1755 to his tragic death from a gunshot wound sustained in his 1804 duel with Aaron Burr.
I was appalled to read that Zoe committed suicide because she could not face the "shame" of a second illegitimate birth.
After announcing that the date of Luce's illegitimate birth was March 10, 1903, Morris sniffs that the child, "for inscrutable reasons," was encouraged to celebrate birthdays a month later.
Both episodes bear upon an illegitimate birth and the secret identity of the father.
Within the town he was more remembered for the scandal surrounding his illegitimate birth and how his mother abandoned him in a workhouse, than for his exploits in Africa.