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a mountain peak in the Andes in Bolivia (20,870 feet high)

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Instead he drinks water that comes from one of Bolivia's highest peaks, the Illampu, and mostly eats mutton and likes pork, but it is rarely available.
Cutting right into the heart of the Bolivian Andes, Illampu is unrivaled and nowhere else do you see the stark ice and crashing glaciers in so pristine a manner.
Luckily, no one in the 200-family village that sits at the base of the Illampu glacier had been killed.
Su nombre esta relacionado con Illapa, rayo, que tiene poder duplicador de los seres y con el nombre de algunos de los nevados mas majestuosos del altiplano, como el Illimani y el Illampu, fuentes de rayos y lluvias.