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early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with sun worship (died in 1358 BC)

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Among numerous examples are: the persecution of the adherents of Amon of Ikhnaton (Ahmenhotep IV) by the religious establishment of Egypt; of the Canaanites by the Israelites; of Jesus and the early Christians by the Romans; of Buddhists by Shintoists; of Sufis by Orthodox Muslims; of heretics and Jews by Christians; of Muslims by Christians and Christians by Muslims; of Protestants by Catholics and of Catholics by Protestants; of Anabaptists by Lutherans; of sectarians by Eastern Orthodoxy and, indeed, by established churches generally; of "witches" and Quakers by Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony; and of religious dissenters by religious establishments, as in present-day Iran.
Shortly after his arrival in England, Freud published his psychological and historical study of the origins of Judaism in his Moses and Monotheism, in which he maintained that Moses was an Egyptian prince who chose the Israelites, then enslaved in Egypt, to accept his belief in Ikhnaton's monotheistic religion.
Assmann) who adopted Atenism, the revolutionary monotheistic religion introduced by Ikhnaton. Upon the latter's death and the return of paganism to Egypt, Moses chose to i mpose his new religion upon the Hebrews whom he then led out of Egypt.
In Freud's imagination, Moses was a disciple of "Ikhnaton" (today pronounced "Akhenaten"), and Moses derived his monotheism as a disciple of the Egyptian Pharaoh who promoted worship of the sun disk, "the Aten."
It is significant to note that just prior to Freud's second fainting spell in Jung's presence, Jung and Freud were discussing monotheism.(22) The conversation revolved around a paper by Karl Abraham on the ancient Egyptian Amenhotep IV (Ikhnaton).
Another bas-relief over the fireplace in the spacious, wood-paneled library shows the pharaoh Ikhnaton riding a chariot surrounded by the Sun and planets.