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a large waterfall on the border between Argentina and Brazil

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However, Naipi's mortal lover, Taroba, escaped with her in a canoe which left the forest god so angry he sliced the Iguazu River in two, condemning the human lovers to an eternal fall - she as a stone and he as a palm tree forever bent over his lover's watery grave.
Love is in the air...in Paris (main picture), Cape Town (above left) and Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Acqua Iguazu will top off at more than 50 storeys and will have a multilevel amenity deck called the "Cielo," which is interior-designed by yoo inspired by Starck.
And on those long flights home I closed my eyes, pictured those breathtaking Iguazu falls ...
But he travelled well at Headquarters and picked up impressively for Richard Quinn before resisting chief rival Iguazu Falls to land odds of 11-4 by a neck.
PRESIDENT Mary McAleese and husband Martin look in awe at the magnificent Iguazu Falls yesterday.
Mr Blair and Mr De la Rua then held a further brief meeting at the Sheraton Hotel at Puerto Iguazu.
Brazil's state-owned oil company was fined US$94 million for the country's worst oil spill in 25 years after its refinery spewed more than 1 million gallons of oil into a tributary of the Iguazu River in southern Brazil.
But he showed more of his old zest when working in Newmarket yesterday, moving up from the rear to go a couple of lengths clear of Purple Emperor, in company with Iguazu Falls (Ted Durcan).
A BRITISH woman missing at the Iguazu waterfalls has been found dead, Argentinian police said today.
Frankie Dettori goes to Kempton's evening meeting principally for Iguazu Falls in the COA Solutions Maiden Stakes.
This was nature's secret pot of gold - the incredible Iguazu Falls, 275 separate waterfalls, nearly three times wider than Niagara and almost 100metres high, straddling the borders of Argentina and Brazil in the South American jungle.
Byline: PAUL GILFEATHER, from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
Other sights worth seeing are the glacial landscape of Patagonia and the Falls of Iguazu. La Pampa, stomping ground of the gauchos, sprawls across the center of Argentina, producing world-famous beef and all manner of agricultural products.