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a large waterfall on the border between Argentina and Brazil

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We left the chaos of Buenos Aries' domestic airport and caught our first glimpse of the magnificent Iguassu Falls from the air.
Although we originally intended to see the mighty Iguassu Falls from just the Brazilian side, we decided to check out the view from Argentina.
Samuel Escobar's analysis of contemporary missiological subject matter in "The Iguassu Dialogue" provides an excellent starting point.
Five Brazilian states -- Amazonas, Bahia, Cear, Minas Gerais and Pernambuco -- the city of Rio de Janeiro and the Iguassu Convention and Visitors Bureau are in this category.
In conjunction with CIGR World Congress and the Brazilian Society of Ag Engineers Iguassu Falls, Brazil, September 1-5: 170 participants; 90 paper presentations
In Sao Paulo, some of my friends decided to visit the Iguassu Falls, which match Niagara Falls in magnificence.
SOUTH AMERICA TOUR: Classic Traveller (0800 988 5843) offers 16-day escorted tour from pounds 2,199, from Feb 4 and 11, via Machu Picchu, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Iguassu Falls and cruise on Lake Titicaca.
Highlights incl Macchu Picchu, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Iguassu Falls and cruise on Lake Titicaca in package incl return flights, transfers, accom, most excursions and free travel guides.
Optional extras include a three-night tour to Rio and Iguassu, including four internal flights, from pounds 1,499.
Faisal Saleh is president of the Instituto Polo Internacional Iguassu, whose mission is to boost tourism to the region, which consists of nine cities in three countries: Puerto Iguazu, Puerto Esperanza, Puerto Libertad, and Wanda (Argentina); Foz do Iguacu (Brazil); and Ciudad del Este, Hernandarias, Minga Guazu, and Presidente Franco (Paraguay).
If you spend a night in Ciudad del Este, you can sneak a peak at at Iguassu Falls across the Friendship Bridge.
The massive Iguassu Falls are the main attraction in the region -- splitting into about 275 separate waterfalls that cascade about 100 meters into the Iguassu River near the so-called Triple Border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.
The pick of them proved to be Iguassu Falls, a three-year-old daughter of Ribblesdale runner-up Ivrea, who appeared early in the evening session.
This includes staying in the rainforest along the world's biggest river - the Amazon - visiting the spectacular Iguassu Falls with its 275 cascades and visiting Rio de Janeiro, arguably the most beautiful city location on earth.