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Orden Familia Especie Crocodylia Alligatoridae Caiman crocodilus Anomalepididae Liotyphlops albirostris Colubridae Drymarchon corais Colubridae Imantodes cenchoa Colubridae Ninia atrata Colubridae Rhinobothryum bovallii Colubridae Sp ilotes pullatus Corytophanidae Basiliscus galeritus Dipsadidae Leptodeira septentrionalis Dipsadidae Erythrolamprus melanotus Gekkonidae Hemidactylus brookii Iguanidae Iguana iguana Leptotyphlopidae Trilepida macrolepis Squamata Phyllodactylidae Thecadactylus rapicauda Polychrotidae Anolis auratus Polychrotidae Anolis tropidogaster Polychrotidae Anolis sp.
Riama unicolor -- Iguanidae Iguana iguana -- -- -- -- -- Ctenosaara similis -- Leiosauridae Enyalias sp.
Se encontraron dos especies en cada una de las familias Sphaerodactylidae y Gymnophthalmidae y de las familias restantes (Chelidae, Iguanidae, Polychrotidae, Scincidae y Testudinidae) se encontro una especie de cada una (Figura 7).
De igual manera, una relacion entre el tamano corporal y los habitos alimentarios se estimo, entre especies de la familia iguanidae (Pough FH 1973.
Las familias con mayor valor de uso fueron Columbidae (10,07), Leporidae (7,46), Viperidae (6,23), Iguanidae (5,92) y Cervidae (5,69), y las especies con los valores de uso mas altos fueron S.
Garman S: On West Indian Iguanidae and on West Indian Scincidae in the collection of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
Muth (unpublished data cited in Porter and Tracy [1983]) came to a similar conclusion when Dipsosaurus dorsalis, a sympatric, herbivorous lizard also in Iguanidae, raised in the laboratory, reached size of sexual maturity and produced viable offspring in 7 mo, vs.
Belonging to the order Squamata (which includes lizards, skinks, and snakes) and the family Iguanidae (like the iguana of The Night of the Iguana fame), the green anole is one of 115 lizard species and 50 iguanids found in North America.
Alimentacion de la Iguana Cubana (Cyclura nubila nubila Gray, 1831) Squamata: Iguanidae, en Cayo Siju.
Esto es cierto para especies de lagartijas que estan asociadas a lugares boscosos o con cobertura vegetal en el area de estudio, tales como las especies de las familias Iguanidae, Gymnophtalmidae, Sphaerodactylidae, Phyllodactylidae y Scincidae.
Iguanidae sensu lato (represented by maxillary and other fragments with teeth), an indeterminate scincomorphan (maxillary or dentary fragments with teeth) and at least three other indeterminate species (based on isolated teeth) (Rage, 1999).
Nematodes of the family Physalopteridae have been encountered parasitizing representatives of almost all vertebrate classes (Goldberg and Bursey, 1989), and 35 lizard species in Brazil belonging to the families Iguanidae, Polychrotidae, Leiosauridae, Liolaemidae, Tropiduridae, Anguidae, Teiidae, Gymnophthalmidae, and Scincidae have been identified as hosts of P.
In Yacopi, Colubridae and Iguanidae are the richest families and Norops the richest genus, which is similar to that reported for all of Colombia (Sanchez et al.
En la familia iguanidae, las especies que pesan menos de 100 g son insectivoras y las que pesan mas de 100 g son herbivoras [28], el peso de las iguanas depende mas de la disponibilidad y calidad del alimento que de la edad [2, 28, 33].