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  • noun

Synonyms for ignorance

unawareness of


  • unawareness of
  • inexperience of
  • unfamiliarity with
  • innocence of
  • unconsciousness of
  • greenness about
  • oblivion about
  • nescience of

Synonyms for ignorance

the condition of being ignorant; lack of knowledge or learning

the condition of being uninformed or unaware

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It would appear that not only ignorance is bliss but that there is also a lack of understanding that without the billions of pounds invested by our pension scheme into the UK economy then UK Ltd.
But then, for him, we can at least assume that ignorance is bliss.
On the plus side, once Vince Cable and Nicky Clegg are out of government, they should find it fairly straightforward to continue with the current job as proverbial jokers in the pack, and proving the premise that while ignorance is bliss some at the Westminster village develop the trait to an art form.
Ignorance is bliss, but ignorance can also be torture.
Ignorance is bliss, until it bites you in the behind.
To them, veteran astronomer Sir Patrick Moore says: "If ignorance is bliss they must be very happy.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss, especially when the main ingredient of one's delicious meal is termites.
Common sense says that sometimes ignorance is bliss, and social psychologists Taylor and Brown claim that empirical research shows that people who are mildly deluded about their abilities, achievements, and future prospects are mentally healthier and happier than highly realistic people.
6), "I only see what I see and when all is said and done, your guess is as good as mine," it shows that feigned ignorance is bliss, as long as the clerical caste is in charge of the future of the Roman Catholic church.