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an induction coil that converts current from a battery into the high-voltage current required by spark plugs

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Other features include an upgraded oil filtration system with plate-type oil cooler and spin-on disposable lube oil filter elements, and quick disconnects for ignition coils and thermocouples.
The control unit and all of its accessories, its display, harnesses, primary and secondary leads, ignition coils and pickups, are approved by CSA for use in Class I, Div 2, Group C and D hazardous-duty locations.
Equipped with a contactless electronic ignition system, the engine has three ignition coils assembled directly on the spark plugs.
To minimise reliability headaches, make sure that the dodgy ignition coils have been replaced under warranty, and give the suspension a thorough inspection.
Toyota's covers 71,000 passenger cars that may have problems in their ignition coils.
Since he bought it, he's had to replace three ignition coils and, most recently, the ECU had to be replaced, along with a fourth coil.
Also check to see if the TT has had any problems with one of its four ignition coils although this is rare.
Audi blamed a faulty batch of ignition coils affecting TT models for its poor showing.
This is "quite a feat," the company comments, considering that "MSD ignition coils for high-powered racing cars can generate up to 50,000 volts of electrical potential in repeated bursts, producing intense electrical noise.
are recalling about 530,000 vehicles because of faulty ignition coils.
The cam cover, which seals off the oil-bearing section at the top of the engine and carries the additional mass of the ignition coils, was molded of nylon 66 reinforced with 25 percent glass and 15 percent mineral.
The companies conspired to determine who would win certain calls for bids issued by Honda and Ford for the supply of alternators, and by General Motors for the supply of ignition coils.
It will also showcase an extensive mix of engine management product lines including ignition coils, sensors, fuel injectors, and Air Bypass Valves (ABVs), as well as drive control systems products including shock absorbers, struts, and rack and pinion assembly parts.
The sparkplugs are designed for the new compact plug top ignition coils used in Audi's 1.
The MPI product line includes ignition controllers, ignition coils, output harnesses, brushless alternators and more.