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Spanish singer noted for his ballads and love songs (born in 1943)

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Japan-based Santen has promoted Luis Iglesias to EMEA head, it was reported yesterday.
Universal has been systematically underpaying Iglesias' streaming royalties by calculating those royalties at a small fraction of the contractually required 50 percent royalty rate," said the lawsuit filed in Miami, where Iglesias lives.
Kournikova and Iglesias started upgrading their 20,000-square-foot house towards the end of the summer, during the retired tennis star's second trimester, (http://www.
Iglesias has over 31 years experience in the practice of law in international and domestic legal matters.
La sinodalidad es una cualidad del ser de la Iglesia, que impregna las variadas dimensiones de la vida del Pueblo de Dios, sea la corresponsabilidad de fieles y pastores en la mision, sea el modo de llevar a cabo los pastores su tarea ministerial.
Formado na segunda turma do curso de Geografia e Historia da Universidade de Minas Gerais em 1945, Francisco Iglesias ingressou como professor da Faculdade de Ciencias Economicas em 1949 e defendeu sua tese de livre docencia em 1955.
His show had already run into extra time and Iglesias was doing some old material.
My fans have embraced this project in more ways than I could have imagined, and their generosity is going to make a big difference for kids in crises, Iglesias said in an interview.
En el comunicado se decia: <<La semana pasada, Julio Iglesias tuvo una pequena intervencion medica en la parte lumbar de la espalda, como parte de un chequeo rutinario en Nueva York.
POP star Enrique Iglesias left fans furious by calling off a gig at the last minute.
By combing eighteenth century German letters, Rivero Iglesias demonstrates decisively that this was not the case.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Within the scope of his last world tour one of the world's most famous singer and songwriter Julio Iglesias arrived on Turkey in the late hours of Friday.
Iglesias executive vice president and general counsel.
Even after the 100-pound weight loss that provides much of the fodder for his first theatrical concert film, Mexican-American comedian Gabriel Iglesias cuts the contented, spherical figure of a well-fed house cat--one possible interpretation of his nickname, Fluffy.