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(Islam) a fast (held from sunrise to sunset) that is carried out during the Islamic month of Ramadan

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Islamabad -- PTCL's Razakaar, an in-house volunteer force, achieved yet another milestone of hosting open-air Iftaars, whereby the company was able to reach out to approximately 10,000 beneficiaries across the nation.
Emphatically, Sriracha sauce will add to the joys of this blessed month by doubling the gusto of Iftaar. Its unique savor is guaranteed to tempt both youth and elderly alike, making their meals piquant.
He also thanked the SCCI president Faiz Muhammad for inviting him in the Iftaar dinner.
Same kind of Ramadan love and respect at @TajHotels lands end - my mother stayed during Ramadan last year and they were kind enough to look after her for sehri and iftaar. They've now got a customer for life.
The largest Iftaar meal was laid out at the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad where 1000 people were served by PTCL volunteers.
But when asked about it, Ahmed played it cool and said the meeting had only been a casual iftaar. 'Our faith teaches us to show unity, compassion and forgiveness.
Starting a crowdfunder page for the project, Aleem told fans: "Imagine fasting the whole day and then Iftaar time arrives and we have nothing on our plates except for some dry bread and dirty water!
As such, what is left of Do Darya's eateries are currently favoured for iftaar meals the guests are there to enjoy what they can, while they can.
Iftaar (dinner time): * In the evening, open your fast with a glass of lemon water with sugar and salt in it to provide your body with the much-needed hydration.
"A New Hope" volunteers of Zong 4G's flagship CSR program took the opportunity over this weekend to spend an Iftaar with the Street Children of Islamabad.
Karachi -- 'A New Hope' volunteers of Zong 4G's flagship CSR program took the opportunity over this weekend to spend an iftaar with the street children of Islamabad.
This happens normally when people consume lots of food immediately after Iftaar
The first signs of truce happened at Baba Siddiqui's Eid Iftaar a few years ago, when SRK and Salman met and hugged.
As part of Standard Chartered's sustainability efforts, the Bank organised an Iftaar for 1200 less privileged children of HOPE foundation.