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(Norse mythology) goddess of spring and wife of Bragi


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A team led by Piero D'Incecco (German Aerospace Center, Cologne) dove into the Magellan archives to identify high-resolution radar maps of Idunn Mons.
My name is Idunn (pronounced Ee-din), and I am 11 years old.
At Asgard, the goddess Idunn kept apples in a golden casket that were eaten continuously by the gods to maintain their perpetual youth.
She also remarks on how the body parts of giants (for example, Idunn's eyes and Aurvandill's toe, 171) and their possessions (for example, Hrugnir's whetstone, 171) figure prominently in Snorri's narratives as hearkening back to the older tradition of metamorphic narrative inherited from Ovid.
18) how Idunn likes life in chilly, beautiful Norway.
IDUNN STEINSDOTTIR HAS written a short novel based on a brief paragraph in the Droplaugarsona saga, which tells the tale of a small band of Viking settlers in Iceland, in particular the stories of a young woman named Arneidur Jarlsdottir, her intended Ketill, and her mother Olof and the latter's husband Grimur.