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In any case, Bulgaria was alone in the European Union in having a foreign language on its identity documents, he said, clearly emboldened by not having wasted any time on research before making that statement.
But it would not be possible for a trans-person to avail such an opportunity, although very limited, without an identity document having a specific mention of his/her sex on it.
"The renewed PoR card is a very important identity document that grants legal status and protects Afghan refugees from arbitrary detention and deportation during their temporary stay in Pakistan," he said.
Many of the most significant recent developments in banknote and identity document security have first been unveiled at this conference, with development and commercialisation partnerships often resulting.
To apply for the VISA card, she said customers must provide the Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, which are a valid identity document, proof of income, proof of residence and a completed MyZaka VISA application form provided at all Mascom shops countrywide.
ISLAMABAD -- National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has resumed process of issuing Machine Readable Seafarer Identity Document (MRSID) to Pakistani seafarers which remained suspended since January 2019 due to some technical reasons.
Sidamhed Bencherab of Stamford Hill pleaded guilty to supplying articles for use in fraud (false identity document seized in January 2017) in late 2017.
ISLAMABAD: State Bank of Pakistan has issued a circular on Friday, advising banks that they may accept proof of registration (PoR) Card issued by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) as identity document for opening accounts of Afghan refugees.
KARACHI -- State Bank of Pakistan has issued a circular advising banks/DFIs that they may accept PoR Card issued by NADRA (National database and Registration Authority) as identity document for opening accounts of Afghan refugees.