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a likeness of a person's face constructed from descriptions given to police

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"They want all shapes and sizes taking part - not just a stream of identikit young men and women.
"The identikit is not identical but it is similar from the investigation thus far.
Read more of this story here: LIKE Cardiff Bay: identikit modern-ish, but forgettable and uncharismatic.
Today we have identikit union leaders and identikit politicians who speak in crass soundbites authored by spin doctors, speak in the same unidentifiable accents and dress smartly in suits, ties and crisp shirts that would not look out of place at a convention of double-glazing salesmen.
Annecy prosecutor Eric Maillaud said the man, from the Haute-Savoie region, was placed in formal custody and was detained following the release in November of an identikit image of a mysterious motorcyclist seen near where the quadruple murder took place.
Identikit beers and lagers took over pubs and bars as regional and stylistic variety vanished as swiftly as spilled ale in the Sahara.
It occurs to me that the younger age group, who were more in favour of abandoning the Green Belt perhaps because of their need for starter homes, do not realise that developers predominantly want to build expensive 3/4 bed "executive" houses on identikit estates, to boost their profits.
THE identikit herds have as usual flocked to a field in Somerset to pretend to be into the music while all the time posing around in their carefully constructed 'festival chic' outfits and posh Hunter wellies ((c)Kate Moss circa 1998) in the hope that it rains nonstop and they'll get their pictures in the paper covered in mud.
If you're also a fan of making your own statement and want to avoid an identikit home, 'ByKal' is a Dubai-based furniture-making firm with a difference.
The fate of the Longbridge East Works is almost a metaphor for the UK economy, with vast swathes of heavy industry which once helped to make Britain the workshop of the world swept aside by a rampant service sector, nurturing identikit shopping centres close to identikit housing estates with identikit gardens.
IN OURresponse to the Review of Education Capital led by Sebastian James, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has warned the Gover nment against building overly-standardised "identikit" schools.
Today, I feel sense of embarrassment and concern that we are leaving little of value for future generations but Starbucks, concrete and bland identikit.
"We might be able to refine identikit pictures from DNA samples left at a crime scene to say whether the suspect had straight or curly hair." (ANI)
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and chairman of Tamkeen, Dr Nezar Al Baharna said the new identikit was the result of an expansion in the Labour Fund's role, as it built upon the success of its first two years in operation.