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The scarcity of breeding ecology data and missing taxa in the phylogeny of the Icteridae make unclear if occurrence of cooperative breeding in the Red-bellied Grackle is phylogenetically or ecologically constrained.
4) Myiothlypis luteoviridis 1 3 Icteridae Cacicus chrysonotus 2 2-5 (3.
5 -- Unidentified Hirundinidae -- -- -- Unidentified Emberizidae -- -- -- Unidentified Icteridae -- -- -- Unidentified Passeriformes 8.
The nest placement on vertical structures used by the Marsh Antwren is also found in other unrelated marsh-dwelling birds of the Tyrannidae, Sylviidae, and Icteridae (Orians 1985, De la Pena 1987, Skutch 1996, Narosky and Salvador 1998, Hansell 2000, Azpiroz 2003), as well as in grassland birds (Emberizidae; De la Pena 1996, Di Giacomo 2005).
Predominantly diurnal migration is relatively rare in passerines, having been documented in only a few families, including Corvidae, Sturnidae, Hirundinidae, Fringillidae, and some Icteridae (Evans and Rosenberg 2000, Able 2001, Evans and O'Brien 2002).