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water served ice-cold or with ice

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He has an EP joint dropping about now on his own new label Icewater Inc, called The Lex Diamond Story.
A mile or so onwards brings you to the foot of the Jostedal glacier where thousands of tons of ice spill over a mountain ridge to break and tumble with a thunderous roar into the icewater lake below.
Again, she exhibited no response to warm, cool, or icewater stimuli binaurally.
To explore the Brownson papers at Notre Dame in the hot summer of 1938, he stayed in South Bend at "an old-fashioned drummers' hotel with ghastly rubber plants in the lobby and an icewater tap in the bathroom.
For the chill grace of Mount Auburn felt like icewater on a second-degree burn.
Estimates of their formation temperature range from 0[degree sign] to 700[degree sign] C - from icewater to hotter than molten lead.
Their off day in Oregon included a practical joke - walk-on David Parker surprised his roomate, Bob Myers, with a bucket of icewater - and a few laughs from ``The Beverly Hills Ninja.
FFAW stated that the union and Icewater Seafoods have reached a deal in Arnold's Cove for 80 cents a pound for premium quality fish, 40 cents for B Grade product and 20 cents for C Grade.
And, luckily, Michelle is ``Miss Icewater,'' as her mother called her.