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a ship with a reinforced bow to break up ice and keep channels open for navigation


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a beginning that relaxes a tense or formal atmosphere

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Provision of icebreaking fleet services for watch and liquidation of marsh events in the arkhangelsk water area during the icebreaker~s passage in 2018 by icebreakers, provision of icebreaking fleet services for on-call watch and liquidation of marsh events in the arkhangelsk water area during the icebreaker~s passage in 2018 by icebreakers.
As the sea service looks to replace its legacy platforms, the heavy-duty USCGC Polar Star and medium-duty USCGC Healy are the only polar icebreakers that are currently operational.
That includes creating or reopening six military outposts and building three new, large nuclear icebreakers to add to its already 40-strong fleet.
Icebreaker Christophe de Margerie, carrying liquefied gas from Russia, has landed tonight in the port of the British island of Grane, reports investor.
Caption: Although Raiko icebreakers are already in service in North America, the coming winter will be the type's first in Finland.
A strained Russian economy has influenced the government to provide less than one-sixth of the funds requested for investment in a range of Arctic projects, including a new, super class of Russian nuclear icebreakers.
Most of those funds will be spent on building a nuclear icebreaker - a giant ship run on nuclear energy meant to smash through Arctic waters covered in ice.
com are currently working on releasing an app, featuring Icebreakers and other site activities.
This collaborative venture celebrates the history of the icebreaker ship Sviatogor from its launch on the Tyne, its involvement in the Russian Revolution, its renaming as the Krasin after a Bolshevik leader and its part in Second World War Arctic convoys to its current role as a museum vessel on the River Neva in St Petersburg in Russia.
Newly built icebreakers have now come on the market, including one constructed by Shell Oil for Its Alaskan operations.
Icebreakers, an essential component of both industrial development and shipping in the Arctic region, have been specifically highlighted as a major potential source of disturbance for polar bears (Wiig et al.
While the Baltiisky Yard is constructing the new generation nuclear-powered icebreakers, the Admiralty Yard and the Vyborg Yard produce diesel-engined vessels.
When ships need to pass through frozen waters in the Arctic, huge vessels called icebreakers are called in to help.
In 2010, after years of increasing maintenance costs and mechanical failures, both Polar Class Icebreakers, Polar Sea and Polar Star, were placed into an inactive status.
Australian, French and Chinese icebreakers were directed by Australia's Rescue Coordination Centre to come to their rescue.