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water served ice-cold or with ice

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Cook until their color deepens, about 2 minutes, then scoop them into the ice-water bath to stop the cooking.
Only the ice-water caloric test in the right ear produced a left-beating nystagmus.
I offer three whose very presence sends ice-water down the spine.
At last the real Dogma 95 program emerges as catharsis interruptus - a leap into an ice-water void that proffers its own shock-to-the-system release.
As soon as a molding was ejected it was transferred into a cooling medium, either ice-water or liquid nitrogen.
In addition, a two-minute inhibition test and an ice-water test |9, 12~ were performed.
In effect, a growing ice crystal acts like a battery, separating positive from negative ions to generate a potential difference across an ice-water interface amounting to 30 volts or more.
Notes: The shallot needs to soak in an ice-water bath for 30 minutes; this will lessen its bite and keep the shallot crisp.
Ice-water calorics in the right ear elicited a normal response, which represented a form of vestibular recruitment and suggested that the source of the dizziness was the labyrinth.
"There's no good method for looking at what goes on at the ice-water interface," says DeVries.
Place the halved leeks in the ice-water bath; let them sit for 15 minutes or so, then carefully lift them out without disturbing any dislodged grit.
Ice-water stimulus in the right ear produced a 2[degrees]/sec left-beating nystagmus and ice water in the left ear produced an 8[degrees]/sec right-beating nystagmus.