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skate consisting of a boot with a steel blade fitted to the sole

move along on ice skates

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He tried to ice skate, sing and play the guitar all at once.Steve Lin, or Piscaronta Linoveckyacute, has become famous because he makes covers of Slovak songs.
MELODY Le Moal turns over her hands on which the fingers are hatched by scars - a hazard of the job when you ice skate with fire.
Players only have to wear special straps - provided by Dubai Ice Rink - on to their own sneakers, thereby making it particularly appealing to those who are anxious or do not know how to ice skate but still want to comfortably enjoy the game on ice.
But they have been able to use their other three methods of travel ( ice skates, skis and special boots.
There was a very good cafe upstairs and a shop where I eventually bought my first pair of ice skates.
He says, "The essence of my approach is that I use the abilities that you can achieve on ice skates, that you can't achieve on the [dance] floor, to the maximum.
A new spin on skating Unless you've been hibernating the last few years, you've probably seen people whizzing by on streamlined skates that are a cross between roller skates and ice skates. They're called inline skates because they have three to five donut-shaped wheels in a single row, rather than the two parallel pairs of wheels on conventional roller skates.
The 54-by-42-foot Skate Room ice skating rink is unique, as skaters glide on synthetic ice panels using regular ice skates.