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Synonyms for iceman

someone who cuts and delivers ice

a professional killer

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"He's the ice man, he doesn't generally feel pressure and not many strike a ball like him.
JUST CHILLING Corden fills his lycra as Ice Man during the sketch
After rescuing the huskies, the dogs help Tribe to overthrow the Ice Man and Ty Koone.
ON COURT George Gervin's cool, effortless style during his NBA days earned him the tag of ice man.
American film actor, whose films include Cat Ballou, The Ice Man Cometh and Paint Your Wagon.
Now his only friend, Ike, whom no one else can see, has convinced Kit that his destiny is to become the next ice man. Increasingly alienated, paranoid and confused, Kit stands to lose everything--including his life--if Ike has his way.
Washington, Sept 28 (ANI): Mickey Rourke wants to wrap up his upcoming mafia flick 'The Ice Man' before the author of the book on which the movie is based is dead.
ICE MAN: Daredevils' Wim Hof on his bracing run in the Arctic Circle
Hollywood comeback kid Mickey Rourke has signed up to star in The Ice Man, a film based on the life of real-life hitman Richard 'Iceman' Kuklinski.
He is nicknamed the Ice Man and at times seems illusory, even, perhaps, a figure of death for Downes at the end.
ICE man Gudjon Thordarson plans to get tough to bring the good times back to troubled Notts County.
Standing on the bench, often at full stretch, pointing and hollering instructions to his team, no-one could accuse Thommo of being an ice man. And he feels the joys of winning and pains of losing as strongly as the team and the fans.
"Ice Man" makes big points toward winning the TOP GUN trophy by volunteering to give a lecture at the safety standdown ...
PEACE broke out in the Eidur Gudjohnsen contract row today, with Chelsea chief executive Trevor Birch praising the 'Ice Man' for showing commitment to the Blues.
And from the way that the 'Ice Man' performed in the final, he may well improve if he can begin to put in the extra hours at the oche.