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(Greek mythology) son of Daedalus

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Aspen Icarus 12.0 is made up of Aspen Decision Analyzer, Aspen Icarus Process Evaluator, Aspen Kbase and Aspen Icarus Project Manager.
Realizing Icarus makes a close approach to Earth every 19 years, they calculated it would come within 7 million km of us on June 14, 1986.
Given that context, it's appealing--even inspiring on some level--that many Americans are letting Icarus drown, so to speak, and simply ignoring politics.
Builder labeled this institutional crisis and titled his book The Icarus Syndrome: The Role of Air Power Theory in the Evolution and Fate of the U.S.
A quick test verified the Icarus electrical connections.
The set list has been largely the same for the rest of their European dates so far so here's a good idea of what fans can expect to hear in Manchester: Aces High Where Eagles Dare 2 Minutes to Midnight The Clansman The Trooper Revelations For the Greater Good of God The Wicker Man Sign of the Cross Flight of Icarus Fear of the Dark The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden Encore: The Evil That Men Do Hallowed Be Thy Name Run to the Hills Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
"At Icarus we are committed to giving advice and listening to those who need our help."
Icarus is not the most distant object ever detected, but it's the most distant star.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 21, 2017-IXI Technology Closes Acquisition of 'Drone Killer' Specialist Icarus Technologies
That latter distinction is one of the attractions of Fogel's Icarus , a happy-accident documentary that began as a lark and turned into a sometimes stunning look at Fogel's friendship with the man who oversaw - then blew the whistle on - Russia's far-reaching sports doping programme.
Icarus Simulation, based in Langley Park, County Durham is the brainchild of Edward Jackson, who saw a gap in the market for aspiring pilots who wanted more training, at a fraction of the cost of being in a plane.
The colony of Icarus Down--the last hope of Earth's humanity--includes 13 cities suspended above a forest floor inhabited by unseen beasts dubbed Ticktocks, and sheltered from a merciless sun by the planet's massive canyons.
1) No Home Movie, the late Chantal Akerman's farewell to her motherand tragically enough, her farewell to ushad a brief commercial release but is now out on DVD from Icarus. Other classics of the Akerman oeuvre were released this year as well.