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(Greek mythology) son of Daedalus

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Though she is not usually included with famous communalists of the century like Owen, Saint-Simon, Fourier, and Cabet, Michel's personal story and words resonated in many places, including the Icarian colony of Corning, Iowa.
(3.) Fourierist, Saint-Simonian, and Icarian leaders all managed to gather numerous followers and, at times, exerted moderate political influence.
The passages quoted throughout contain Icarian referentes typically imagistic.
Luckily for Newcastle United, composed new defender James Perch has no Icarian tendencies, and will approach the top-flight with a sensible dose of realism.
Murphy suggests, after chiding Ackerley for not spotting the allusion in his Demented Particulars, that the "echolalia" of the two phrases (he admits that it is not quite an allusion) draws a connection between the Icarian nature of both characters while, of course, demonstrating how "Joyce is the major figure, literary or otherwise, that Beckett is engaged with here" (96).
The success of his book inspired him to attempt to establish Icarian communities in America.
Yet, chaste as clouds, we had a heart still for any Icarian dreamer aimed at the sun, perhaps sensing that the vacant underside of our lives was soon to be filled by an astronomer, about whom and us I have written at length in Life with Swan.
Besides tracing the various functions that maps play as part of the cinematic mise-en-scene--providing a key or "legend" to the film's meanings--Conley reads some films as maps in their own right, especially films in which the "image-fact requires the shot to be read as might a map." Thus, Rene Clair's first film, Paris qui dort (1924), features vertiginous, "icarian" views of a strangely immobile Paris shot from atop the Eiffel Tower.
Hancks (Endowed Professor Of Icarian and Regional Studies at Western Illinois University) traces the history of immigrants from Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) in the proud Midwestern state of Michigan.
The hump-backed Ugo still sees her, as on a Keatsian urn, as the fair creature she was in her youth, and finally by an Icarian error, joins her in her immortal stasis.
Historical account of female French colonists' (addressed as "Citoyennes") quest for full equality in seven Icarian (communities where everyone shared all goods in common) colonies in America between the years 1848 and 1898.
Garner (history, Baker College of Owosso and Baker College of Flint, Michigan) examines the quest by women for full equality in seven Icarian colonies in America between 1848 and 1898.
Holding items as diverse as early Mormon correspondences, French Utopian Icarian ribbons, and singer Burl Ives' garments, the Archives and Special Collections Unit of the WIU Libraries collects and preserves materials related to the history and culture of the university and the 16 counties of West Central Illinois.
Henry David Thoreau: Cycles and Psyche is a deep exploration of classic author Henry David Thoreau's self-declared "Insanity." Writen by expert psychiatric consultant Michael Sperber, Cycles and Psyche uses Icarian and Daedalian imagery in its search to identify masked affective disorders in the great writer.