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realistic Norwegian author who wrote plays on social and political themes (1828-1906)

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In an Ibsenian context one should likewise pay attention to the fact that according to Confucius "there is no essential human nature" (Hall and Ames 1).
12) These remarks reveal that Conrad was critical of "traditional" drama as artificial, with plots and motives lacking verisimilitude and fatuous displays of false emotions, but he might have been drawn to the Ibsenian, Shavian, Chekhovian, discussion plays that anticipated Brechtian epic theater.
the "double" of the dead lover, unconsciously projects his own womb-regressive fantasies upon her ("Uncanny Returns in 'The Dead': Ibsenian Intertexts and the Estranged Infant," Joyce: The Return of the Repressed, Susan Stratford Friedman, ed.
With a newfound Ibsenian naturalism, Shepard told tales of incest, drunkenness and secrets that were as plausible as they were outrageous.
It is interesting to note that, in his final years, Ibsen himself regretted his life-long avoidance of sexual intimacy (Clurman 165), and it is tempting to theorize that the somewhat puritanical Unamuno, perhaps unwittingly catching a glimpse of himself in the Ibsenian mirror, found it more comfortable to transmute this potential male case study into that of a female.
The whole play is cast in a naturalistic, Ibsenian mode.
There is nothing dramatic in the play, no Ibsenian unfolding of an absorbing tale of revelatory facts.
But also a Narwhale, Narr being the German word for fool, and thus a foolish whale, at least according to public opinion, for one who goes against the crowd and its accepted wisdom is necessarily a kind of Ibsenian "Enemy of the People.
His later plays moved progressively in this direction, retaining a loosely metrical verse pattern but venturing into essentially Ibsenian modes of dealing with contemporary society.
8) It began with an invitation in 1906 from the actress-manager of the Little Theatre, Gertrude Kingston, to the expatriate American and well-known Ibsenian actress, Elizabeth Robins, that she write a play.