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the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac


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"Commander of the Faithful," said the vizir, "if Scheih Ibrahim recognises you he will die of fright."
The Caliph then returned to the vizir, and they set to work in Scheih Ibrahim's house to cook the fish, of which they made so tempting a dish that Noureddin and the fair Persian ate of it with great relish.
When Noureddin had left the room, Scheih Ibrahim, who had hitherto kept silence, said: "Kerim, for two miserable fish thou hast received a purse and a slave.
Still personating the fisherman, the Caliph answered: "Scheih Ibrahim, whatever is in the purse I will share equally with you, but as to the slave I will keep her for myself.
Scheih Ibrahim, still more enraged, then went ont to fetch a stick.
When Scheih Ibrahim returned, a thick stick in his hand, the Caliph was seated on his throne, and nothing remained of the fisherman but his clothes in the middle of the room.
Satan tries to create doubt in Ibrahim's (AS) mind: 'O Ibrahim, are you sure you want to sacrifice your son, your true love, your joy, the meaning of your existence, the fruit of your life; who would there be after you to worship your Lord; don't you have heart, any soft feelings toward your son?' Ibrahim (AS) is momentarily confused.
May 27, 2017 (KHARTOUM) - The family of the detained human rights defender Mudawi Ibrahim criticised the renewal of his detention in his absence and his lawyer, and described his detention without charges as "clear and explicit legal and constitutional violation of his personal freedom".
Ibrahim Halawa has spent more than 1,130 days in an Egyptian jail, where he has been subjected to continuous mental and physical torture.
A Thursday cabinet shuffle saw an unexpected change in the top security agency in the country, the Ministry of Interior, in which Mohamed Ibrahim was replaced by former head of the National Security Agency, Magdy Abdel Ghaffar.
Ibrahim Halawa's distraught relatives told the Irish Sunday Mirror they are forbidden from writing to the 18-year-old - and fear he will die behind bars.
This occasion is most appropriate to reminisce the lives of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismail - the two great Prophets of Islam.
Mariam Yahya Ibrahim arrived in Manchester, New Hampshire, where she has relatives and where she was greeted by a crowd of people from the local Sudanese immigrant community who sang and handed her bunches of flowers.