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(Islam) the principal evil jinni in Islamic mythology

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The Rami symbolizes cursing Iblis and waging war against him.
Kam-da tasarankat sarhaw yas a kam-ikfa, A kam-emmalay eges awen war di-infa, d-ezezendir aggen as nak yas as iga, annar di teneyay andod sanasaya, anse y day tasalat ensey day attayadda, n Iblis en tanagmawt, sa ahawway war t-inaya.
(12.) Ashraf acknowledged his indebtedness to Asad in the preface of his work, see Muhammad Ashraf, The Devil's Conference (Iblis Ki Majlis-i Shura) (Gujrat, Pakistan: Urdu House Booksellers, 1371 A.
Although the angels prostrate themselves at the command of Allah, Iblis does not bow down and is expelled from heaven.
Chief among all satans in the world is Iblis. But as the Quran specifies, Iblis can only seduce people ...
The Queen also appears as Iblis (or Bilquis) in Sura 27 and Sura 34 of the Qur'an (360-61, 404-5).
(39) Al-Hibri also argues that the equality of all human beings is advocated in the Qur'an and that any hierarchy among human beings is viewed as coming from Satan (Iblis) who tests humanity.
You know the jihad against the Great Satan, the former United States of America, ended with the release of Iblis. The virus infected genetically marked individuals and initiated a plague that ran a cruel swathe through the American population.
In Mina, pilgrims are expected to throw pebbles at a wall personifying the Iblis (devil).
"(Iblis) said: 'I am better than he: Thou createdst me from fire, and him Thou createdst from clay'.""
In the story of Nyipet, a forest deer saves a man named Nyipet who is being chased by an evil spirit (I: iblis (devil) or hantu (ghost)).
After defining the ideal society of Islam, "Umma", then he defines the ideal Man, 'The Vicegerent of God', who is a theomorphic man whom the spirit of God has overcome the half of his being that relates to Iblis, to clay and to sediment.27 He passes through the very midst of nature and comes to understand God; he seeks out mankind and thus attains God.
Para la familia Nymphalidae se pueden contar los 32 taxones siguientes: Epiphile iblis pyrczi Attal, 1999; Diaethria marchalii juani Neild, 1996; Perisama gisco Godman y Salvin, 1880; Perisama nevada Attal y Crosson, 1996; Titilare a harmonia furia Staudinger, [1884]; Mechanitis utemaia ssp.
(66.) Titled I'lam al-ahya' bi-ighlat al-Ihya'; he also reports about it in his book Talbis iblis.