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in the same place (used when citing a reference)


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IBID is active in South and Central Florida, while currently implementing its expansion into other metropolitan markets.
Additionally, no assurances can be made that iBid International will trade on the Small Cap Market or that a market will be established in the stock.
37 Ibid, 2:445-46: "Y con eso se imprimio y se recibio con tal aplauso, que admiro; y solia vengarse el Padre deste suerte de los que lo contradixeron, que quando yvan a casa de los senores hallavan leyendo el libro y les dezian mill bienes del .
every year would be a sufficient reminder to all that the laws cannot be violated with impunity"; Ibid.
Dunn, President and CEO of PolyVision stated, "We believe the Ibid product provides the finest solution in the market.
With corporate Intranets becoming a major repository for corporate data, Ibid 2.
Ibid, (PRONI D562/5655), Letter of John Foster to James Vernen, November 27 1805.
NASDAQ:MTSI) today introduced Ibid 50, a 1'x2' addition to its digital whiteboard product line.
The Transformation of Traditional Society (Oxford, 1987), 242-69; "Marital Fertility in Seventeenth-Century Colyton: A Note" ibid.
NASDAQ:MTSI) today introduced the Ibid 500, a 4'x6' addition to its Business Series line of Ibid digital whiteboards.
NASDAQ:MTSI), today announced that its Ibid 600 digital whiteboard has been selected as a winner of Media & Methods magazine 1999 AWARDS PORTOFOLIO competition.
Department of State Country Report, quoted in ibid.
MicroTouch's Ibid 600 digital whiteboard will be used by the Teletraining Institute in offering its distance education training courses to educators and corporate trainers on how to create their own technology-based training.
The iBid system will be available to Barrett-Jackson's pre registered bidders.