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(Roman mythology) the Roman god of doorways and passages

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Tutto e ambiguo e la dualita e cifra stessa del nostro esistere, come avverte l'insistita mitologia dei dio bifronte Ianus, anche nella versione popolare dell'infante dalla doppia faccia, il terribile Giannino del murale di Piazza.
Aelius Baebius, together with Beusas Platoris, dedicated an altar to Ianus Geminus (44).
4 million) catastrophe bond, Ianus Capital, to transfer European winter storm and Turkish earthquake risks to the capital markets.
I care not this for all your loue, nor yet For your friend Ianus there with the two faces; Nor do I think ye men.
Ianus Vitalis (Latin for Giano or Giovanni Vitale), a Sicilian poet, was born in Palermo c.
se situaban los altares de Ianus Curiatus (Curiatius, relacionado con la Curia, por lo que verifica las cualidades militares) y Juno Sororia (Sororia, femenina, diosa de la pubertad) (Dumezil 1987: 66 n.
IANUS WAS THE ROMAN god after whom January is named.
It was a token of the smooth and proper running of the Roman state that sacrificial victims fell in honour of Ianus on 1 January, but in the corrupt circumstances of A.
The 'douze Mottetts' are the contents of his Sacer Ianus quadrifons (Munich, 1685), of which the Academy had a manuscript copy (possibly London, Royal College of Music, MS 1023).
Ianus Vitalis Panhormitanus, verses 59-64, Coryciana, D IV.
Tenders are Invited for Support services, installation and development of the system IANUS for continuity and deployment.