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(Roman mythology) the Roman god of doorways and passages

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Romania: I Dumitras; M Lemnaru, C Gal, C Gheara, I Cazan; T Dimofte, F Surugiu; M Lazar, M Tincu, P Ion, N Ursache, C Petre, M Macovei, O Tonita, D Carpo Replacements: B Suman, S Florea, V Poparlan, D Ianus, V Calafeteanu, M Dumbrava, F Vlaicu Venue: Rugby Park, Invercargill Referee: Steve Walsh (Australia) Weather forecast: Some sun but risk of showers, gusting W wind 15mph, 11C
C'e a riguardo un riferimento metaletterario gia nelle pagine iniziali, laddove i tre nomi che costituiscono il primo enigma da sciogliere, "Piazza" "Romano" "Ianus", appaiono a Gabriel Palmer ne piu ne meno che "tre personaggi di un romanzo postmoderno".
Nel caso in cui il lettore non riesca a fare, da solo, il collegamento tra Giano e la divinita romana bifronte (Ianus o Giano) (3), tale riferimento viene persino esplicitato da Clarissa.
Munich Re said it has issued a 50 million [euro] ($70.4 million) catastrophe bond, Ianus Capital, to transfer European winter storm and Turkish earthquake risks to the capital markets.
"Ianus Capital" is the first catastrophe bond covering non-US risks to be issued in 2009, following a period of inactivity caused by the collapse of Lehman Brothers.
I care not this for all your loue, nor yet For your friend Ianus there with the two faces; Nor do I think ye men.
Ianus Vitalis (Latin for Giano or Giovanni Vitale), a Sicilian poet, was born in Palermo c.
IANUS WAS THE ROMAN god after whom January is named.
It was a token of the smooth and proper running of the Roman state that sacrificial victims fell in honour of Ianus on 1 January, but in the corrupt circumstances of A.D.
The 'douze Mottetts' are the contents of his Sacer Ianus quadrifons (Munich, 1685), of which the Academy had a manuscript copy (possibly London, Royal College of Music, MS 1023).
One, a square coin, was stamped with a 'Ianus head with two faces', symbolical of the turncoat.
22 "Non Germania te tulit, Coryti, / Illis in regionibus nivosis / Inter barbariem rigentiorem, / Verum sidera laeta, laeta coeli / Te te Regia misit e repostis / Huc ad nos regionibus Deorum." Ianus Vitalis Panhormitanus, verses 59-64, Coryciana, D IV.