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(Roman mythology) the Roman god of doorways and passages

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Support services, installation and development of the system IANUS for continuity and deployment of H2050 and Innova-SaE[bar]de innovation projects linked to the electronic clinical record of the Galician health service.
4 million) catastrophe bond, Ianus Capital, to transfer European winter storm and Turkish earthquake risks to the capital markets.
I care not this for all your loue, nor yet For your friend Ianus there with the two faces; Nor do I think ye men.
Ianus Vitalis (Latin for Giano or Giovanni Vitale), a Sicilian poet, was born in Palermo c.
IANUS WAS THE ROMAN god after whom January is named.
Ianus Vitalis Panhormitanus, verses 59-64, Coryciana, D IV.
Contract notice: Office service ianus project and electronic prescriptions.