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English geneticist who succeeded in cloning a sheep from a cell from an adult ewe (born in 1944)


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Professor Ian Wilmut said it would be "immoral" not to carry out research which could lead to ground-breaking treatment for a range of killer diseases.
Dr Ian Wilmut is in negotiations with a company funding a team expected to begin an embryo clone project within weeks.
Professor Ian Wilmut said it would be 'immoral' not to carry out the research, which he says could lead to cures for diseases.
Professor Ian Wilmut made an emotional plea for extra cash after discovering one of his biologists who helped clone Dolly the sheep earns pounds 3,000 less than a Coke machine repair man.
"This is why John Galliano, the fashion designer, and Kate Moss, the supermodel, come much lower in the table than Ian Wilmut, leader of the research team at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, who created the first clone from an adult animal cell."
Professor Ian Wilmut, head of the Roslin Institute, wants permission to clone human stem cells.
Professor Ian Wilmut has stunned anti-clone campaigners by embarking on a pioneering stem cell scheme at the world-famous Roslin Institute in Edinburgh.
Professor Ian Wilmut, who led the Dolly team at the Roslin Institute, said: "These are exciting results.
A review of all the world's cloned animals, carried out by Professor Ian Wilmut, who led the Dolly team at the Roslin Institute, has found 99 per cent of animal cloning attempts end in failure.
When the arthritis was found, team leader Prof Ian Wilmut admitted it showed their techniques were "inefficient" and needed more work.
Professor Ian Wilmut, who led the Dolly team, was sceptical about the idea of growing organs from cow cells but said he would not rule it out.
In a book, Made in Scotland, which is a mix of memoir and travelogue, Billy discusses the progress of his symptoms with Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, a retired Edinburgh University scientist who was honoured for his part in the creation of Dolly the cloned sheep.
Dolly the Sheep creator Ian Wilmut has been diagnosed with which illness?
Sir Ian Wilmut, 73, admitted he is struggling to come to terms with the condition but added he is "happy to act as a guinea pig and donate tissue or try new treatments".
The world needs a biobank that holds tissues from endangered animals - a real-life equivalent of Noah's ark - to save species from extinction, Ian Wilmut, creator of Dolly the sheep - the world's first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell - said Monday.