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contraceptive device consisting of a piece of bent plastic or metal that is inserted through the vagina into the uterus

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In her article for Revelist, Melissa Stanger wrote that, while discussing whether or not to get an IUD, her gynecologist described the insertion pain as usually feeling like "really bad period cramps." After Melisa experienced extreme pain during the insertion, however, her doctor admitted apologetically, "I know...
Histopathology of colonic biopsy was positive for evidence of chronic inflammation at embedding site of IUD. Patient was discharged on fourth postoperative day and remained healthy on follow ups at 15 days and 2nd month time.
A 26-year-old nonpregnant, Gravid 4, Para 3013, with history of three previous cesarean deliveries, initially presented to women's clinic for IUD removal.
She assumed the fact that if Ivana did not use any other method of birth control (contraceptive pills at that time came with higher dosage) and Trump did not use any protection, then using a third IUD would have been a fair-minded decision by Ivana because she got three years of contraception during the three years between the births of Trump Jr.
To examine time trends in women's knowledge and use of the IUD and implant, we used DHS data from the 22 Sub-Saharan African countries that had had one survey conducted between 1996 and 2000, and another between 2010 and 2016 (Appendix Table 1).
However, the results should not deter physicians from placing hormonal IUD in these women, she said.
According to one report by Women's Health magazine, the pain during IUD insertion is usually rated as a three for women who've had vaginal births, while those who haven't rated the pain closer to a six on a pain scale of one to 10.
Twenty-five patients (32.46%, 25/77) whose IUDs were removed constituted the Removed IUD Group, and the remaining 26 patients constituted IUD Left in situ Group.
Until recently, that sort of IUD access has been difficult to come by.
An intrauterine device (IUD) is a safe, effective, simple, and reversible method for birth control, but some women with IUD may still become pregnant.
She had a Copper T A380 IUD, inserted one year ago during lactation.