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a family of compounds derived from horseradish and radishes and onions and mustards

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Redline's RedMAX base stations and access points will be installed as part of the network, enabling ITC to offer WiMAX services throughout Saudi Arabia.
Lubalin and Tom Carnase created the ITC Avant Garde Gothic typeface in 1967 in capitals only, with the series of unique capital ligatures used for the logotype of the magazine.
The ITC is an increasingly important forum for efficiently resolving many intellectual property disputes, "said senior partner Christopher A.
If the ITC determines that System General products infringe any of Power Integrations' patents and are being imported into the United States, the ITC may order that those products and any products incorporating them be excluded from importation into the U.
Sumner Stone designed the ITC Stone Humanist family by blending classical serif letterforms and traditional sans serif shapes that he pulled from his ITC Stone Sans(R) design.
The name and design of ITC Astro were inspired by the cartoon series, "The Jetsons.
Marubeni has been engaged in business with ITC in the area of soybean extract produced in India, but has signed a basic agreement for the affiliation with a view to a more extensive undertaking.
A lessee who is a registrant is eligible to claim an ITC for GST/HST paid on vehicle repairs for a leased vehicle covered by an insurance policy, if the lessee is the recipient of the repairs and the other conditions in section 169 respecting ITCs are satisfied.
of Toronto, Canada were among the industry leaders taking new space at the ITC.
ITC plans to launch a new fellowship programme for young, promising trade practitioners and business graduates from developing and transition economies.
The taxpayer looked to the definitions in the ITC rules to identify items constituting tangible personal property.
ITC provides technical services for companies, home-based businesses, entrepreneurs and government agencies primarily in Manitoba.
The ITC has confirmed the administrative law judge's determination that certain of SG's power-supply controllers infringe Power Integrations U.
With recent signings of Adventure Publishing and Fidelity Investments, the ITC has leased more than 53,000 square feet of space in the last 30 days.