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a unit of electrical power in an AC circuit equal to the power dissipated when 1 volt produces a current of 1 ampere

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However, given the large exposure to Italian sovereign debt, ISV could face a significant increase in regulatory capital charges if European authorities remove the zero risk-weighting for European sovereigns.
The common HBA API will significantly reduce software development time and enable ISVs to deliver more robust SAN management applications to the marketplace.
We are eager to work closely with Information Builders to deliver customized business intelligence solutions for SMB customers," said Buell Duncan, general manager of ISV and Developer Relations at IBM.
The IDC study, Worldwide Top 10 ISV Partner Programs 2006 Vendor Analysis: Enabling ISV Partners for Success (IDC #204272) provides a review and comparative assessment of the program offerings to ISV partners from 10 IT vendors that all met IDC's criteria for inclusion in the report as an industry leading ISV partner program -- BEA, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Progress, SAP, and Symantec.
At the same time, ISVs are demanding solutions that protect against common software cracks that lead to piracy," said Matt Christiano, CEO of Reprise Software.
Both Studio for COBOL Developers and Studio for ISVs support new platforms, including Intel x-64 architecture on Windows, UNIX and Linux.
The program is designed to provide ISV Partners with the support they need to bring solutions to market that interoperate best with technology offerings from Hitachi Data Systems.
To learn more about Aradyme's ISV Solution, please read the full Aradyme solution brief at www.
IBM continues to build on and differentiate its open source and SaaS (Software as a service) initiatives for the ISV community, and deliver broad-based joint demand generation programs -- which are vital to fueling market demand for joint IBM-ISV solutions.
The ISV Partner Program is based on IP Payments Framework(TM) (IPPF), a services grid for the electronic payments industry that utilizes one standardized access point instead of the hundreds of closed, proprietary formats that exist today.
Fortifying Hitachi's entrance into the active archive market today, Hitachi welcomes several new application, file system, enterprise content management, and database archiving partners into its ISV program.
Our ISV solution for standardizing data migrations/conversions enables ISVs to simplify the migration processes involved in implementing their applications, improve their profit margins on individual projects, and minimize their risks in providing migration solutions to their customers.
The university and laboratory research communities should enhance their understanding of ISV needs and requirements so they can leverage their own software research and education agendas to assist ISVs where appropriate.
This competency is for ISV partners with demonstrable skills in business process management solutions.
It also provides an integrated Web service interface allowing ISV partners to quickly and easily provide additional functionality and live data into their applications.