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Non-Resident Alien Withholding: We raised with the IRS concerns that they were going to commence audits of non-financial institutions related to documentation (Form W8 series), withholding, and reporting (Form 1042S) compliance related to items such as vendor payments and royalties without involving the community.
The IRS concluded that the business was a corporation for income tax purposes, even though its status was terminated by the state; thus, it would treat the company's S election as timely if filed within 60 days of the ruling.
The IRS provides a comprehensive program to correct disqualifying defects and ensure that plans remain tax-qualified.
This may sound like the deal of the century, but submitting an Offer in Compromise and essentially playing Let's Make a Deal with the IRS is a very formal, intensive, and time-consuming process.
AU's Lynn says it is imperative for the IRS to open an investigation and put a stop to Falwell's political shenanigans.
Omohundro rejected Miller primarily because it ignored IRS Rev.
Graziano, whose agency provides free legal assistance to low-income workers, criticized the IRS for what he views as ``taking advantage of people who can't afford an attorney.
Commissioner, that Mitchell-Lama housing projects were not subject to IRS taxes under Section 277.
Based on these restrictions, as well as on the current controversy regarding permissible recruitment activities following IRS release of the Hermann Hospital closing agreement, it is clear that the issue of the permissible bounds of physician recruitment incentives have great significance.
The IRS can also conduct an audit of your business for corporate tax purposes and, as part of that audit, question the status of all independent contractors with whom you do business.
Despite the idea's intrinsic good sense, the IRS was--in fact, still is--reluctant to take on collections, thinking it would mean a blizzard of more work.
Not only should company tax personnel seek out an experienced tax adviser, they should look for a tax adviser with substantial experience in all aspects of tax controversy practice- from negotiating with an IRS agent, to preparing a Protest Memorandum to the IRS Appeals Div.
The Forum has been approved by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) educational organization to provide taxpayers with a place on the internet to record and discuss their IRS experiences.
He mentioned three critical IRS needs for addressing the gap: (i) funding for the IRS's current infrastructure; (ii) augmenting the IRS's resources; and (iii) finding legislative solutions such as increasing third-party reporting.
In early 2005, the IRS issued temporary and proposed regulations (1) requiring large corporations and exempt organizations to e-file tax returns.